Product Launch Webinar - TRiMiTi Screw Fastening - Learning by Doing

02.02.2023 - 15:00 CET / 14:00 UTC


Supercharge your screw fastening workflows by allowing 100% in-line control of screw fastening on all manual workstations.

TRiMiTi introduces a new feature of Learning by Doing for quick setup of new screw-fastening workflow, it allows TRiMiTi system to learn new workflow in a single demonstrated workorder.

About the speakers

Maximilian Kaltenecker

Maximilian Kaltenecker

Maximilian is CEO at Nexustec GmbH. Max has academic degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from RWTH Aachen, and has previously worked as production manager as well as managing director at various Tier-I & Tier-II companies in Automotive sector

Sourabh Bodas

Sourabh Bodas

Sourabh is CTO at Nexustec GmbH. Sourabh has academic background with degrees in Electrical & Electronics engineering as well as Masters degree in Computer Vision. Sourabh has previously worked as researcher in research groups in Fraunhofer-IGD & Humboldt University of Berlin.

Event outline


Introduction to Nexustec

Nexustec GmbH is developing the novel methods for integration of manual workstations in Industry 4.0 paradigms. We will take you through the details of incredible development journey Nexustec has taken to reach current state, where Nexustec has the most innovative and novel solutions of any company working in this domain.


Introduction about Trimiti & various Features

TRiMiTi is flagship suite of products developed by Nexustec GmbH. The on-going development of over half a decade and four engineering generations has resulted in a software system suite which can perform at the highest possible level for industrial implementation of AI, while retaining the same level of control as proven techniques in industrial system design.


Product Launch

We will be introducing our novel product, Learning-By-Doing along with Screw Fastening solution in TRiMiTi product lineup. Learning-By-Doing is ideal for industrial applications of Tool tracking in screw fastening environment. Using proprietary passive optical marker, TRiMiTi offers never-before accuracy and precision of less than 1 cm for screw fastening application.

With Learning-By-Doing, we bring the same with much lower training times, as little as 1 minute for a batch size of few pieces to several thousand or millions of pieces.


Open Q&A

We will be opening a floor for questions from the participating audience members, and try to answer as many questions as possible. However, for more detailed questions, we highly recommend requesting a non-binding one-on-one meeting with our industrial experts.