The assistance system for safety-relevant fittings

Interaction and communication of the TRiMiTi system landscape

What counts is highest quality

 Our networked solution with artificial intelligence addresses the source of error between the analog and digital worlds. TRiMiTi looks like the human eye and gives instructions like the human brain. With the screw driving assistant, we integrate the worker into the digital process sequence and combine human flexibility with digital precision.

Workstation & Software

Wireless communication center with AI software


Camera cap with external battery belt incl. signal transmitter


Camera with integrated


The Viewer

Real-time information in responsive design to customer hardware

Learning assistant

Generates the customer-specific vehicle database

The brain

The wireless command center with AI software

TRiMiTi's brain sits in the workstation and provides connectivity to wireless peripherals (headset, toolbox, viewer). It analyzes the transmitted image information in real time using AI technology, issues work instructions and checks the executions.

Digitisation of the result of action

TRiMiTi ensures the automated and complete documentation of every single step in the Product Lifecycle Management System. 

  • Working protocol of the screw connection
  • Screw identification
  • Screw position
  • Tool used
  • Torque
  • Tool movement
  • Tool position (correct working zone)
  • Correct use of the tool (correct use)
Error logging:
  • Failure of sensors
  • Standstill tool
  • Faulty screwing
Workstation & AI Software

The Eye

The mobile units on the head and tools.  

The headset and toolbox communicate wirelessly with the workstation via a secure communication protocol. The assembly worker receives real-time visual and acoustic feedback on the work execution. TRiMiTi is wireless. Thus, we ensure a natural, free and efficient working movement.

The headset

In combination with battery pack on the belt of the worker

  • Independent of the tool manufacturer
  • Robust Polyamide Chassis
  • Motion angle Failure of sensors
  • Optional acoustic detection (click noise)
Technical specification:
  • Sensors: Microphone, Inertial Measuring Unit IMU
  • Weight battery pack: approx. 150 grams (belt attachment)
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours

The Toolbox

Mobile unit on the tool with acoustic sensor for torque detection

  • Tool detection with passive TDI coding on the tool
  • Box with camera, color display and removable battery for mounting on screwing tools
  • Robust Polyamide Chassis
  • Motion angle Failure of sensors
  • Optional acoustic detection (click noise)
Technical specifications:
  • Sensors: Microphone, Inertial Measuring Unit IMU
  • Weight: approx. 180 grams incl. battery
  • Battery life: up to 3 hours

The Viewer

Real-time information monitor compatible with your hardware 

The viewer is your control room. You get all the information about the current workflows in real time. In addition, it provides you with information about which fittings were performed correctly, as well as information about faulty operations.

  • Viewer types: screen on the assembly line, mobile as an app for tablet or smartphone, display on the toolbox
  • Information is output via a responsive web design
  • Customer hardware can be used in all sizes and dimensions
  • Real-time information about the currently performed work steps
  • Status to the already screwed screws
  • List of screws still to be screwed
The Viewer

Virtual Learning Assistant

Generates the customer-specific vehicle database

What can you imagine? The software creates a virtual model of your workspace. All you have to do is manually mark the relevant bolting positions on the screen once. The software does the rest and compares your markings of the CAD model data with the live image of the cameras.

Technical solution:
  • Create a virtual model of the assembly line by automatically loading CAD model data into the virtual environment
  • Only once the positions have to be manually marked
  • Automated marking check in 2D and 3D match with rear projection and stereo images
  • Software can be operated as a cloud solution
Your advantage:
  • Cost reduction for first-time learning
  • Automatic transfer of screw position changes
  • Can be served by the client
Virtual Learning Assistant

Take advantage of TRiMiTi

Find out in a workshop with us and your experts how TRiMiTi can be integrated into your production processes.