AI-supported assistance system for safety-relevant screws

With TRiMiTi, you can revolutionize your assembly processes. The system opens up huge potential for eificiency in automotive manufacturing. Artificial intelligence and real-time networking make it possible. Use our technology for your competitive advantage.

The problem

Challenges of safety-relevant fittings during the assembly process in the automotive industry.


Currently, the inspection of safety-relevant fittings is carried out in the 4-eye principle.


Documentation per screw connection is partly done manually by the worker.


Current sensor systems do not fully detect safety-relevant screws and fittings.

Quality assurance

The 4-eye principle cannot avoid errors.


Current solutions have limitations with regard to light influences, clocking, time requirements of position detection and detection of tool combinations.

We open up huge efficiency potentials for you

Tell us about your assembly processes based on safety-relevant fittings.

Setup situation at an OEM

We integrate the worker into the digitized process flow by synchronous real-time mapping of the work steps in the virtual and real world.


Wiereless TOOLS



Work process with TRiMiTi

The entire work process is digitized, monitored, documented and transferred to the PLM system.

Identification of the vehicle ID by scan (barcode – QR code) by means of a toolbox or headset

Tape worker receives work order via display (toolbox) or in the future via AR glasses

Tape worker selects or uses the tool to be used according to instruction

Tape worker goes to the defined screwing position and performs the defined work step

During implementation, TRiMiTi automatically detects and transmits

We accelerate your production

We would be happy to advise you comprehensively with regard to your specific application and show you how you can increase your efficiency.

Customer Benefits with TRiMiTi

More than a technical revolution

You benefit from:

  • Replacement of the 4-eye principle with 2-eye principle with quality improvement
  • Assists in real time with safety-relevant work steps.
  • Closes sources of error between humans and the digital world
  • Logs work steps automatically
  • Acceleration of clocking
  • Wireless peripherals allow natural and free movement
  • Big data for more transparency with optimization potential
  • Standardization of the work process in every plant worldwide